Making Automated Training Contributions

 In Brief

The camera you are adding can automatically take a snapshot of a motion event that can be used for training. A snapshot will only be made provided that the last motion event occurred over 5 minutes to an hour ago, purposefully introducing more randomness to the samples.

Providing a contribution requires no effort and helps scOS to make your system, and other customer's systems, more accurate at picking up relevant motion - the entry point on detecting crime or knowing how and when to personalise your home.

If selected, your samples can be used to improve ObjecTron for better object detection and context understanding.

The scOS internal team may evaluate this data for usefulness, so you may only like to do this for exterior cameras.

Contributions will be recorded for a potential competition in the furture, however, this is down to our discretion on when we do so.

In Detail

When a snapshot is performed, 5 images are taken at the same time with the following purpose:

  1. The camera's view with no visual edits - as you would view your camera.
  2. A mathematical drawing of where the sky is (if there is one) - this is a mask.
  3. A mathematical drawing of where there is motion that has become static (if there is any) - this is a mask.
  4. A box drawing of where motion is occurring.
  5. The image that best represents the background scene (no objects that are moving) in greyscale and blurred.

Where Will This Be Used?

If "Motion Only" is selected, imagery will help train our new motion detection system that we hope to release as soon as possible.

If "ObjecTron Only" is selected, the images will only be used for annotating objects (people, cars, packages etc) that are useful for scOS Intelligence for understanding the context of events. These annotations are done manually by the scOS internal team.

If both are selected, then both contributions will be made available.

Where Is This Data Stored and For How Long?

All contributions are securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Ireland region (along with our other processes). Access to this data is strictly controlled and limited to authorized personnel. The data is housed in encrypted S3 buckets to ensure maximum security and compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

You own your data and only allow us to permit use of it. Through the Data Integrity Zone (in development), you will be able to view all of this data on scOS. There you will be able to selectively delete all or some of your contributions. Otherwise, as default to choosing to contribute, data is retained for as long as it remains relevant to improving and evolving our motion detection and ObjecTron capabilities, depending which is chosen. This period may vary as technological and operational needs develop. On a yearly rolling period, we will reach out to you to ask if you are still happy contributing.


The scOS community is grateful for your contributions for building a better network that proactively combats crime!


We reserve the right to update this page in respect of the shared improvements to the network.