Smart City Operating System’s advanced Community Intelligence Service uses scOS's technology to deliver expert predictions and decisions for street automation and security.

Unlike a security control centre, which can have lots of people watching cameras and long processes, scOS only has one “person”: a computer. As a result, scOS’s Community Intelligence system can make rapid decisions quietly in the background, leaving you undisturbed.

Community Intelligence is an evolution in automation and security.

What Does Community Intelligence Need?

Community Intelligence uses connected smart cameras and IoT devices - whether existing or installed by us - to provide cutting edge crime prediction on private roads or public streets.

  • scOS is aware of the context

    Once all smart devices are connected to our Intelligence Node on your road, our AI understands the environment it is in. Knowing what is usual or suspicious.

  • Intelligent with external information

    We integrate with the DVLA and crime databases, letting people know about possible threats to communities or reminding a resident when their MOT is due.

  • Available Features


Data Ethics

Data & Privacy

As a company providing a community intelligence service, we take any individual’s privacy concerns seriously and strive for transparency with you about how data is handled and why we need it. We also strictly adhere to GDPR guidelines.

For those who are concerned about intrusion or the feeling of being watched, please understand that no human can access sensitive data (such as video footage, live databases, and timeline annotations) unless explicit consent is granted to us by the requester and the committee with a suitable justification. A computer handles all of our operations. Only account information and security audit records are accessible to us.

The community’s cameras, sensors, and other equipment are not associated with any individual’s property. If you want scOS for your house, please visit our “Home Intelligence” section, where you can view your own data while benefiting from the predictive community intelligence setup.

Data Ethics Zone

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