The Future of Nations' Connected Communities

What is scOS?

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Designed for no-human-input autonomous home automation and security.


Community Intelligence

An evolution in automation and security.

Our pledge to you with

Data Ethics

Our responsibility to you on transparency, data handling and AI development.

What is scOS?

Smart City Operating System (scOS) is an advanced deep-tech organisation that specialises in providing homes and businesses with intelligent predictive security and automation solutions.

Using a combination of smart devices, scOS keeps you safe by spotting suspicious behaviour, and makes life seamless across multiple technology brands.

All without human input.

scOS - The Future of Nations' Connected Communities

Your next technology evolution

  • Extract More Value from Existing Smart Devices

    Imagine what they can do when they work autonomously together.

  • Automated, Pro-Active, and Predictive Security

    scOS computers autonomously spot unusual and suspicious activity and responds to it.

  • Dynamic Security

    What happens at a neighbouring location can automatically heighten your system's security.

  • Complete Transparency From scOS

    We are highly conscious of people's privacy and aim to be as transparent in our processes as possible.

    You own your data.

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