Our New features are delivered to your intelligence hub automatically

  • Vehicle Recognition

    Add known vehicles to your scOS system for automated personalisation and security.

  • 24 hour cloud recording

    scOS acts on events in real time so there is less of a need for recording. Only you can access your footage anywhere.

  • Stolen Vehicle Detection

    On given consent, we can check if a car's number plate is incorrect or marked as stolen via the DVLA

  • Long-Term Recording

    Option to record up to 90 days for the equivalent price of two weeks on CaelusView.

  • Person Recognition

    (Coming soon)

    Your scOS system recognises you, family and friends to provide personalisation between them. It also assists with criminal descriptions.

  • Security Briefings

    No need to crawl through motion alert notifications or others alike. Get readable security briefings for the past 24 hours that cover security and automation.

  • Clever Notifications

    Notifications that can be sent via Text message, WhatsApp, or email that keep you up to date. For example "Hi Olivia, just thought you should know Henry has just arrived home".

  • View Local Data

    (Coming soon)

    Within CaelusView, you can view privacy friendly intelligence about your local area, for example the number of potential crimes prevented today that gives you unseen, interesting, context.

  • Fast, Real Time, ANPR

    Unlike other systems, scOS reads vehicle's license plates instantly, so scOS AI can instantly act on your behalf.

  • Car Theft Tracker

    (Coming soon)

    As the scOS network grows with more customers, if your car is stolen, we'll be able to better track it and notify you of its whereabouts as spotted on connected cameras.

  • How does scOS Work?

    Get a foundational understanding of how scOS works right here.

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  • How Does scOS Take Responsibility on Data

    scOS serves the people. Therefore, we are transparent.

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