Our Business Intelligence Service gives businesses access to the more advanced features of our Home Intelligence Service and Community Intelligence Service.

Delivering expert predictions and executing precise decisions to secure and automate various locations, from hotels and local shops to remote unmanned sites and factories.

Smart City Operating System acts as your central control point across all of your locations, providing live (real time) access to intelligence that comes from visitor numbers, average mood indicators, busiest areas, and suspicious activity.

scOS only has one “person”: a computer. As a result, scOS’s Business Intelligence system can make rapid decisions that can save on large costs.

Business Intelligence is ushering in proactive, predictive, security and automation in your company.

  • scOS Adds to the Bottom Line

    scOS Business Intelligence converts your security and facility department from being something that you need, to something that you want; we make security grow the bottom line of your company.

  • Increased Resourcefulness

    scOS can work with existing security and facility teams to keep them out the office and on patrol at the right place and the right time.

    Alternatively, scOS can run standalone; autonomously supporting businesses without security.

  • Buys Time

    No business wants their customers at risk from a threat. scOS's early work on crime prediction buys you time to intervene or autonomously dispatch the police, protecting your people without them ever knowing.

We Are Intelligence

scOS is much more than a security company. We use IoT devices (cameras and sensors), whether they're already installed or not, to form data that our AI turns into intelligence.

This intelligence is automatically acted on by more IoT devices, or communicating with people.

You will also get briefings that summarise the 24 hours.


  • A 24/7 security team may not be able to stop a crime, and they may even miss something unusual on a camera, even with event detection.

  • scOS is the superior security solution for your business that maximises the value of security devices by learning how people on your premises usually behave and keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

  • Acting on suspicious behaviour by sending your security team to the right place or calling the police in case of a possible emergency so they can get there on time.

  • All of this is done by a computer system instead of a group of 20 or more people.

Save a minimum of £96,096/year

scOS can be compared to having two security guards on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The minimum average salary of a security guard is £48,048. This is without consideration that scOS performs the tasks of an entire security team and also provides smart home automation.

Data Ethics

Data & Privacy

As a company providing a business intelligence service, we take any individual’s privacy concerns seriously and strive for transparency with you about how data is handled and why we need it. We also strictly adhere to GDPR guidelines.

For those who are concerned about intrusion or the feeling of being watched, please understand that no human from scOS can access sensitive data (such as video footage, live databases, and timeline annotations) unless explicit consent is granted to us by management with a suitable justification. A computer handles all of our operations. Only account information and security audit records are accessible to us.

We will give access to your security team who have authorisation to view our central control portal where you they can interact with your system; viewing CCTV footage and sensor data if needed. They will also get alerts on events such as a visitor entering an area they shouldn’t.

Data Ethics Zone

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