Smart City Operating System (scOS) is a cutting-edge deep-tech organisation that offers intelligent predictive security and automation solutions for homes and businesses. By integrating a variety of smart devices, such as cameras, sensors, lights and speakers, scOS can detect and prevent potential threats, simulate human presence, alert emergency services and automate access control. scOS also enables seamless interoperability across different technology brands and platforms, creating a unified and user-friendly experience.

All of this is done autonomously by scOS’s powerful artificial intelligence - Cortical, which learns from the habits and behaviours of the community and adapts to their needs and preferences.

scOS is the ultimate smart city platform that enhances safety, convenience, efficiency, and sustainability for everyone.

This is why scOS is The Future of Nations' Connected Communities.

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  • How Does scOS Take Responsibility on Data

    scOS serves the people. Therefore, we are transparent.

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