With up to 154 different IoT devices to develop and test integrations, Smart City Operating System’s minimal viable product (MVP) will be used to demonstrate basic functionality for our AI controlled Internet of Things (IoT) platform. scOS’s MVP will then be rolled out to customers for pilot testing – where we will look further into how we can make scOS a fantastic set of intelligent services.

What is scOS?

Shortened to scOS, Smart City Operating System connects any supported IoT device to our network (known as “Linked-By-Network”) and creates enriched data that our AI uses to create actionable results.

  • What is enriched data?
    • Enriched data is where data is collated with relevant context obtained from additional sources. In this case it will be the IoT devices you have on your system and data from external sources such as the weather.
  • What are actionable results?
    • When you are handed a report, that report will allow you to make an informed decision on what actions to take. Similarly, as data enters scOS from IoT devices, our AI systems will form real-time reports that allow it to make decisions. This could be it’s awareness of you returning home from work and turning the heating on, and then when your car arrives on the drive way, it pre-heats the oven for dinner (as an example).

These actionable results keep you and your family safe; fight crime from your house through to community levels and remove inefficiencies in your life to make time and save you money.

You can read more about how scOS works here.

What Devices will scOS Support?

While we cannot give a permanent answer to this at the current stage, we still want to facilitate as many devices as possible so you do not need to buy more – and you can use your existing devices!

Before working on the MVP, we have looked into popular CCTV and IoT brands – and the camera models or devices used to create this list. scOS still has many more devices to go through verification on. However, if you would like to use our service and we do not list the device type, please let us know because we can adjust the priorities.

Indefinitely from today, scOS wants to have and maintain strict security standards for a vigorous reputation in the field. This includes verifying and researching all of our suppliers, partners, integrations and connections so we always have the best knowledge on what is happening within our company and outside. As a result, we can provide you with the best insights and advice.