Separate from Government Bureaucracy

Separate from Government Bureaucracy

We are a private organisation, so we don’t have to follow additional, internal rules, or wait for the approval of government agencies, allowing us to have more speed and innovation (a benefit to you). This does not mean scOS is exempt from the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

However, scOS would like to make it strictly clear, we will never be associated with a government or its agencies. scOS will permanently remain separate due to clear conflicts of interest.

scOS will never share your data with a public entity, unless it is with your authorisation.

An example of you giving authorisation is when a criminal event has occurred and we need to notify a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) of it - most often this is the Police.

What Not to Be Confused By

In order for scOS to be able to autonomously prevent a crime, we will assist a service like the Police in preventing it. This does not mean we are partnered with them or that we work with them or for them.

We work for you and serve you.

To be able to see this through, it is logical we communicate with the Police when it is necessary. This benefits you and also indirectly benefits the Police as their chances of making it in time to an scOS Criminal Event is much higher than making a manual phone call.

You can best picture how this works by thinking of when you are in an emergency situation. What do you do? You call emergency services. This is what scOS AI does.

This is an exceptional innovation for those who are in danger and cannot speak; either by a medical condition or under duress.

When There Is an Emergency, What Data Do You Share?

In the future, this will depend on the severity of the situation.

At the moment, we share details that give enough description on what the emergency is:

  • Emergency type (Fire, Police, Medical).
  • Location (to get to the local emergency services and so they know where to go).
  • Is any one in immediate danger?
  • Details of the scenario. Example scenarios:
    • Fire in the kitchen.
    • Person in full black, don't know who they are, smashed upstairs window, 3 people are inside asleep.
    • Get away car at front of house, it is a [COLUR], [MAKE], [MODEL] with [LICENSE PLATE]. Two people tampering with the car which is a [COLUR], [MAKE], [MODEL] with [LICENSE PLATE]. Both people are wearing black balaclava, one does not have gloves.

This is all text data (as if it were spoken on a phone line), and includes no images.

Other Things to Know

If scOS's Linked-By-Network system spots anyone's life in immediate danger, unless you have made an explicit request, regardless of the system owner's service features and pack, scOS will communicate with emergency services to maximise the chances of saving a life.