What Data of Mine Can You See?

What Data of Mine Can You See?

scOS has a default "Need-to-Know" policy. This means scOS team members can only see what we need to know and what has a reasonable justification to it. This article goes into what we need to know and those justifications.

Customer Details

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • Physical address.

We need to know these details for the purpose of processing an order for you, providing support, and securing your account.

scOS System

  • Anonymised, un-identifiable data.
    • Examples
      • "The number of connected devices" to share with you and to know if our system is capable of providing sufficient processing or to know if we need to expand our processing.
      • "The number of crimes prevented today" to share with you and to know how our system predicts and prevents crime.
      • "The number of lights currently turned on and their estimated power consumption" to share with you and to know if scOS AI can be more efficient on saving power and being sustainable.
  • System statistics and anonymised usage.
    • To know how our services are performing from a technical aspect and, therefore, do any business decisions need to be made?
    • This customer reported an error - has this occurred anywhere else in the system? If yes, then where and what does that look like?
    • 24 Intelligence Hubs have reached 100% utilisation for longer than X minutes. Why is this? 
  • Security audit logs.
    • You may have contacted us with a security concern which means that we need to check through access times and IP locations.
    • We need to detect security anomalies as soon as possible to resolve them.
    • Someone is tampering with the scOS Intelligence Hub in a malicious way that is unusual for the average user.


Image disclaimer: The image used on this article is for decorative purposes. We do not, and will never, store physical copies of your data unless, of course, we have asked for your authorisation and you have given consent. Even then, it is still high unlikely.