Where Does My Data Go?

Where Does My Data Go?

So scOS does not have to "reinvent the wheel" with some systems and can tap into additional expertise of others we work with a select few third parties (mentioned below) who help us with computational power.

Becuase they provide us with this computational resource, it means their systems can host technical capabilities like our AI, storage and website.

Here is how this looks dependant on the context:

A Website Customer, Subscriber, or Newsletter

Access to our website (the one you are on now) is provided by Shopify.

Shopify is a company that provides a proprietary e-commerce platform for online stores.

If you subscribe to our newsletter with your email address. Shopify will hold this email under a new account (which has no name or other identifiers).

When you purchase something (and become a customer), you will then provide us your name, email, phone number and address. This is stored within Shopify's servers which are owned and operated by Shopify. Located in the United States and Canada.

scOS System Users

If you have purchased a service from scOS, you will become a user on the system. Connected devices communicate with our computational resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nocrus.

All data for our scOS Intelligence Services remain in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


We use their data centres in Ireland and London so scOS AI (developed and secured by us) can run real-time analysis on the data of connected devices, additionally, your recordings are maintained here for private access anywhere.

The reason why we have to use AWS Ireland is becuase that's where their most powerful processing capabilities are avilable. They are, unfortunately, unavailable in the London data centre.

With AWS, we can host our services on the most secure global infrastructure, allowing scOS to focus on the security of its capabilities and your data. We understand the privacy and reputational risks at stake here and take the security of our system very seriously.

While it is necessary for your Intelligence Hub to communicate with our capabilities hosted by AWS, some processing is performed on your Intelligence Hub locally. For example, you toggling a connected switch to turn on a light, the command that was sent will only need to travel from the switch, to the hub and then to the light. However, a clone of this will be sent to the data centre so that scOS AI has the latest context.

Based off from this, there is nothing inherently bad about "The Cloud", rather it is the responsibility of the company that uses it.


Nocrus is a website design, IT Consultancy and Web Hosting business. We work with them on our development work. However, we also utilise their data centre (located in Milton Keynes, England) for specific uses. Currently this is for our license plate recognition capability (ANPR). The reason for this being separate from AWS is for a reduced cost benefit while this feature is in development. However, as we scale, this capability will be migrated over to AWS.

Future Data Travel

We want to keep your data's travelling distance and time as short as possible so it is closer to home and more efficient. AWS is a fantastic hosting provider for our services. If you are in the UK and Ireland, data will be processed and remain in the UK and Ireland.

When we inevitably grow and expand in to the US, we will use data centres in the US for those who are in the US.

We are unsure if there will be a cross over at some point (between the UK and the US). But there should not be a need to do so as it adds more time to our processes.

Furthermore, we may decide that we wish to host our own capabilities under our own infrastructure. When we do, we will keep you updated.

From an ethical standpoint, we will always aim to keep your data close to where you are and where we can access high-performance computing.