scOS Home Intelligence: Transforming Smart Homes with Safety and Connected Living

scOS Home Intelligence: Transforming Smart Homes with Safety and Connected Living

scOS's Home Intelligence Service is a game-changer. By elegantly coordinating your smart devices, this innovative AI-powered system creates a seamless and personalized automation experience for each family member. Now, your CCTV camera(s) can communicate with a set of lights, setting them to match or comfort your mood as you walk through the front door.

Beyond convenience, Home Intelligence goes above and beyond to ensure your safety, security, and individual personalisation. The smart devices work collectively to spot suspicious activity and potential threats outside your home. scOS AI then directs them to deter any potential criminal incident. In the event of a confirmed threat, with prior authorization from you, scOS will take swift action, calling the Police and alerting you to ensure your family's safety (currently this feature is unavailable in our Alpha Test).

With Home Intelligence, you can experience peace of mind even while fast asleep, knowing that potential criminal events are being proactively prevented. scOS is dedicated to serving you and only you, providing a high level of service quality, saving you time by making proactive decisions on your behalf.

Say goodbye to the need for multiple smart home apps. scOS is designed to streamline your smart home experience, removing complexity and replacing it with intuitive automation that acts an thinks for you. This means we want to remove your need to ever access a portal or control panel. But when you do need to access something specific, our immersive experience portal, CaelusView, puts all the controls at your fingertips.

By joining scOS's free Alpha Test until 2024, you get a glimpse of the future of connected living. Harness the power of collective security by encouraging your neighbours to join scOS too. For each neighbour who joins, you'll receive 5% off your subscription for up to three neighbours, totalling up to 15% off for a year per referral.

With scOS's Home Intelligence, you're not just getting a smart home; you're unlocking a transformative lifestyle that puts safety, security, and personalization at the heart of your living experience.