Unleashing the Power of Home Intelligence: Join scOS's Alpha Test Today!

Unleashing the Power of Home Intelligence: Join scOS's Alpha Test Today!

Are you ready to revolutionize your home security and elevate your living experience to the next level? Introducing scOS's Home Intelligence Service Alpha Test, a game-changing AI-powered system that seamlessly coordinates your smart devices, creating a personalized automation experience for each family member. Join our Alpha Test today, and enjoy exclusive benefits free until 2024.

Unlock the Future of Home Security

With scOS Home Intelligence, your smart devices become a united front, working collectively to spot suspicious activities and potential threats outside your home. Our advanced AI, Cortical, directs them to deter any potential criminal incidents, ensuring proactive security at its finest. Should a security concern arise, scOS's Cortical will promptly alert you through your preferred methods, keeping you informed and in control.

Embrace the Power of CaelusView

Explore an immersive 3D digital world with CaelusView, our intelligence portal designed to put you in charge. Say goodbye to overwhelming motion detection notifications - scOS only notifies you of events when necessary and non-repetitively. Interact with your home and town effortlessly, and access critical information at a glance, thanks to our Intelligence Director's intuitive insights.

Tailor Your Home Intelligence Experience

At the end of the Alpha Test in 2024, scOS offers you the freedom to customize your subscription with the Modular Component Configurator. Pay for the features you need and when you need them. Adjust storage settings, enable or disable specific device functionalities, and make scOS truly yours. No more one-size-fits-all solutions; Home Intelligence adapts to your unique needs.

Strengthen Your Community and Save

The power of collective security and family safety is unmatched. After 2024, invite your neighbours to join scOS and strengthen your community's safety. For each neighbour who joins, you'll receive 5% off your subscription for up to three neighbours, totalling up to 15% off for a year per referral. Join forces and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-connected community.

Join the Alpha Test Today

Don't miss this early experience - scOS will only be in Alpha once. Participate in scOS's Alpha Test and witness the future of nations' connected communities. Harness the full potential of your smart devices and maximize their value with scOS's cutting-edge AI. Say goodbye to complexity and inconvenience, and embrace a seamless, secure, and personalized living experience. Your home deserves the best, and scOS is here to deliver.

Don't gamble with your security and your family's well-being. Take action now and be the master of your home's intelligence. Join scOS's Alpha Test and redefine what it means to feel safe.

Please note that some features mentioned are still under development and may be unavailable for Home Intelligence. Subscription discounts and offers are subject to change.