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We will deliver your Intelligence Hub securely, connect it to power, internet, and add your first device.

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After the test, you can choose which features you want to keep for a custom monthly subscription using our ‘Modular Component Configurator’. You are always in control.

home intelligence

Alpha Test

Other than recording and sending you motion notifications, what else do your home security cameras do?

You spent a lot of money on cameras, why not maximise their value by participating in our alpha test?

Our service is the final layer of security your home will ever need to keep on protecting your family, friends and guests.

Scroll to see why scOS will be the evolution for your home and the future of nations' connected communities.

  • Only Pay for the Intelligence Hub

    Bring our advanced technology, that has never been available for home before, in to yours for £499.

    Help shape the growth of scOS.

  • Alpha Tester's Only Offer: Free from Subscription

    Free for one year, then £12.99/m per camera for access to all our latest features

  • Get 3 Months Extra for Each Referral

    With no cap, get 3 months free from each referral you sign up during the Alpha Test. This will apply from when subscriptions begin.

    Will you get scOS free for life?

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Home Intelligence Alpha Test Benefits

The key, world-leading, benefits that no other security platform has, begins right here.

  • No Effort Needed

  • Keeps you informed

  • Begin with existing devices

  • Seamlessly personalised

  • A Burglar costs their victim £4,269 on average

  • Autonomous operation

scOS is designed to reduce your time involved with technology; making life more seamless.

Via your Intelligence Hub, your scOS system handles the safety of your home through your connected smart cameras, quietly in the background.

Should a security concern arise, scOS's AI will alert you through your pre-defined methods.

Should you wish to access more details, you can do so via our immersive experience with CaelusView - our online intelligence portal.

CaelusView allows for fast access to seeing a solution when timeliness is critical. But when it is not, CaelusView provides you with a connected informative experience you have never seen before.

No need to purchase more smart cameras. Just ensure your smart security camera is among one of those that we support.

This is where scOS will maximise their potential value.

Check Supported Cameras

Technology without scOS does not communicate with one another, unless you go through complicated setup processes.

Once a smart device like a connected camera is adopted by your Intelligence Hub, scOS's AI acts as an intermediary between them and you.

scOS learns and adapts to each of your family member's needs and preferences.

With scOS, you no longer work for technology. Technology serves you.

With scOS being proactive on crime, our aim is to save you from the cost of it.

Burglars typically cause a cost of £1,413 in property damage, and steal £2,856 of valuables.

This does not include the emotional distress, which 84% of victims experience.

Read the source

Other than you, no person watches over your devices. All of the 24/7 monitoring is handled by scOS AI - a computer.

After this alpha release of scOS, we'll be supporting more IoT devices to fully support our mission of connecting humanity through intelligence.

scOS will be able to do more of your tedious tasks and chores for you without you needing to ask.

  • Take back £2,000 in energy cost

    Compared to other Network Video Recorders, the design of the scOS Intelligence Hub allows the average home to save £2,000 in energy costs over 10 years. That's £200 each year, meaning that our hub pays for itself.

  • Crack Down on Unused Storage

    You have the power on how much storage you need and how much you pay for it. Going away? Increase to 7 days continuous recording. Have people at home? Reduce back to 24 hours continuous recording.

    Clips are stored, as standard, free for 7 days.

  • No more Motion Detection Events

    scOS knows how frustrating motion notifications are and the frequency of them. We only notify you of an event when necessary, and non repetitively.

    E.g. "Hi Michael, just letting you know that Olivia has arrived home".

An all in one immersive zone for your data and devices

Instead of having to scrub through hours of footage, or be bothered by notification alerts, CaelusView is designed to be an "experience of pleasure".

Interact with your home and town in a 3D digital world that replicates the real world.

Quick Access

In a rush? See the most important information first with a full de-brief on the past 24 hours, presented to you immediately after logging in.

The Intelligence Director knows what you want to control among your devices.


Save time and view all your camera feeds in one place. Scrub through their footage all at once.

Personal Statistics

Choose the data you want to see and feel fascinated and informed by the world, all in one place.

* Some statistic options may still be under development and therefore unavailable for Home Intelligence.

Exclusive to Alpha Testers

You can refer as many people as you please, while we are in the Alpha Test phase.

For each one that joins scOS, we will reward you with an additional 3 months free from subscription, with no limit.

Will you get scOS free for life?

The Alpha Test is more than a test. It’s a lifeline. Don’t gamble with your security and your family’s well-being. Take action now and don't be the next target.