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scOS Home Intelligence Reservation

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    Important Information

    Placing your order today will guarantee you a spot in getting our Home Intelligence Service.

    We anticipate releasing this service in January 2024, where an additional payment of £249.99 is required to purchase our Intelligence Hub.

    The £249.99 is fully refundable up to 30 days.

    Please view the full features of this service in 2024.

    Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to this page.

    Returns information

    The £9.99 pre-order is non-refundable.

    When purchasing the Intelligence Hub in 2024 for £249.99, this will be fully refundable for 30 days, where we will provide you with a return label. You must return in the original packaging.

    Please read more, below.

    scOS Home Intelligence Reservation
    scOS Home Intelligence Reservation
    scOS Home Intelligence Reservation

    See what pre-ordering gets you

    • Features from the Alpha Test

      View images and information on how the current Alpha Test is being developed.

      All of the features here will be avilable to you once this services launches in 2024.

      Alpha Test
    • Full 2024 Features

      View all of the features that will be avilable to you in 2024 after placing this pre-order.

      We will contact you throughout 2023 to keep you updated on how our Alpha Test is going.

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