Crime prediction with Automated prevention

The smart devices now work together to spot suspicious activity happening outside your home. scOS AI will then direct them to deter a potential criminal incident.

If the suspicious activity becomes a criminal event, with prior authorisation from you, scOS will call the Police, alert you, and reassure your family on safety.

In this world, you can be fast asleep and awake to a de-brief that a potential criminal event was prevented.

scOS serves you and only you.

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  • Home Intelligence provides an experience of pleasure for you, family and friends. Your own system specialises in providing personalisation and making technology seamless.


Being a private organisation, we are separate from government bureaucracy. With that, we pledge we will forever remain a separate entity and be an organisation for the people it serves, assisting Law Enforcement Agencies only where it helps you.

Two simple principles of scOS: Your data is yours, and we are transparent about our processes unless the matter is sensitive.

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Remove multiple apps

scOS is designed to remove the need for multiple smart home apps and, instead, runs things for you. However, if you do need to access something, you can do so via our immersive experience portal, CaelusView.


Working Collectively

Your Home Intelligence system works with other local systems at homes and businesses to automatically escalate protection at home, when needed.

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High Service Quality

scOS’s automation shows a high level of quality to
service our users; they save time because scOS makes proactive decisions for them.

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